Why Local Matters?

  1. When you donate and shop local, three times the revenue remains in your community - supporting your parks, schools, faith based organizations and more!

  2.  Live local, give local, donate local, shop local, Independent businesses are the largest contributors to LOCAL charities.

  3. By donating, You're investing in a unique, sustainable future for our local communites.

  4. We’re working to effect permanent changes in the way people think about how they donate and spend  their money. We understand it’s going to take time, but we’ve made an enduring commitment to our communities. We’re in it for the long run. This isn’t just another branch location for us. It’s our home. The well-being of your community affects you directly; the charities you donate to may run programs you or your family members actually use;  you can see that they are going to beneficial programs when they are in your own community