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Business and  merchants whose  goal is to support their local charities, communities, and causes for future growth of sales for new and returning customers to create loyal customers.  Local businesses and merchants actually come alongside a variety of different people groups and views and they walk in their customers choices.  Thereby being a NEUTRAL business/merchant not supporting or endorsing any religion, view, charity, social cause over another.

Businesses/Merchants realize that with billions of people there are many different views and ideologies. Merchants/Businesses understand that not everyone has the same views. Using platform empowers local Merchants/Businesses to not be affiliated but have the benefit of using a neutral platform that potentially could create loyal customers.

Merchants and Businesses give back by a "thank you" coupon for you to use.  The donor is the driving force allowing the individual to choose how they donate locally and buy and shop locally. This makes the donor and customer an educated consumer by supporting local charities and local businesses it brings a sense of social responsibility.

It is completely free to use Charitybuyline!

Here are some findings from a 2013 Cone Study on cause-related marketing:

  • 89% of consumers would be likely to switch brands (if quality and price held constant) for one that's affiliated with a charity, compared with 80% in 2010 and 66% in 1993.
  • 54% of consumers bought a product with a social and/or environmental benefit, compared with 41% in 2010 and 20% in 1993.


Preference in giving to organizations that provide the follow services:

  1. Homelessness (social/welfare)
  2. Children/Education
  3. Elderly
  4. Crime
  5. Veterans
  6. Health

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